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We’re fuelled by innovation and creativity. On The Edge celebrates local creatives and their unique talents. To celebrate the launch of our On The Edge campaign, we sat down with our featured creatives to talk to them about the importance of their work. Remember their names, remember their come up. 
Making waves as a producer, DJ and event curator, Christian is booked and busy.  In between studying and working, you can catch Christian playing shows on the regular in Melbourne.
We caught up with Christian before his killer set at Lets Vibe’s Block Party to chat all things music.

What’s your creative process when making beats?
I don’t really have a set structure when it comes to making beats and don’t force it. Whenever I come up with a beat idea, I just work on that. The idea can come from a mood I’m in or I could think of a beat randomly. Usually when I’m listening to other music at home or shows, I get ideas and will make a couple of ideas then build on those. Whatever I’m feeling the most I’ll work on and even send some to friends to help with some ideas if I’m stuck. 
I see you’re a DJ, what’s been the most stand-out gig that you’ve played so far?
The most standout gig for me would be opening for Teyana Taylor at The Forum mid-2019. 
Who inspires you musically? 
Kaytranada, Pharrell, Burna Boy, Timbaland, Mr Carmack and Tyler The Creator
What are some things you do to practice self-care?
Always make time and prioritise things that mean the most to you. If life becomes overwhelming write down and keep a note of the things you need to take care of. Make time for family and friends.  
What’s your 2020 vision?
My 2020 vision is to curate a lot more events and play a few festival shows while still maintaining my life at uni.  
Who was your Spotify Wrapped Top Artist of 2019?

Keep up to date with Christian’s shows on Instagram at @CHRSTNDEAN