Class Is In Session: #LEVISLESSONS101

Class Is In Session: #LEVISLESSONS101


In case you’ve missed it,  Levi's was the first denim company in the whole world. Founded in San Francisco in 1853, Levis Strauss & Co were committed to producing denim that would double up as durable workwear. Twenty years later, the blue jean was born.

As a testament to the high quality and durability of their work, Levi's introduced The Two Horse Trademark onto the back waistband of their denim. The Horse Trademark resembles the strength of their product in comparison to competitors, depicted by two horses pulling at a pair of jeans.


In My Levi’s.. I like to rock Hi-Top Vans and Doc Martens. 

When I wear Levi’s… I feel cool and also probably iconic because it’s probably one of the first brands that I can remember as a kid. My mum and my dad wore Levi’s so yeah, it’s definitely iconic.

My daily go-to look would… definitely be like a crisp white tee, and a straight leg jean – probably a dark denim.

I wear my Levi’s… everywhere. The good thing about Levi’s is that you can wear them in any situation. Off to the beach, going out for the night, around the house. They’re super comfy. There’s not really anywhere you can’t wear Levi’s.

What denim fit do you prefer?

So I definitely went through a skinny jean phase but I’m starting to move more onto the relaxed fit, the straight leg just for comfort. As I get older I don’t want to squeeze into skinny jeans anymore. The straight leg jeans are definitely my pick. I think it’s starting to circle back a bit to the 90s where the straight leg were in fashion, so it’s all coming back around.


Levi’s make me feel… effortless, iconic, cool and confident.

With my Levi’s.. I like to wear either a high-top Converse or socks & sandals, depending on my shmood.

A staple look within my wardrobe… would be a Levi’s logo tee paired back with a straight legged jean.

I wear my Levi’s… anywhere from the pub, to home, to ceramics, to work, to the beach – basically you can wear your Levi’s anywhere. 

What denim fit do you prefer?

I love rocking a wider denim than a skinnier leg. I think it’s just so much more breezy, it’s easy to wear. You know, it’s relaxed – it just looks great overall. It’s me.



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