ON THE EDGE X littleshit

ON  THE EDGE X 1itt1eshit
Meet Dan, aka Little Shit, a passionate young rider from Victoria who isn’t afraid to try new things with his fixie. Eager to ride wherever possible, we caught up with Dan in Melbourne at some of his spots. 
Where did your passion for riding come from?
My Pa used to race, so I started riding and really liked it. I haven’t stopped since. 
Who inspires you to do what you do?
My biggest inspiration for fixed-gear riding is Matt Reyes (@slumworm on Instagram).
What are some of your favourite places to ride in Victoria?
It would be the Melbourne Museum, Docklands and any dirt trails.
What was your best moment with your bike in 2019?
When I first learned how to wheelie.little shit
What are some things you’d like to achieve with your riding?
I’d really like to go to San Francisco and New York and ride.
little shit
What’s your 2020 vision?
To ride as much as possible!
Follow what Dan is up to via his Instagram: @1itt1eshit