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We’re fuelled by innovation and creativity. On The Edge celebrates local creatives and their unique talents. To celebrate the launch of our On The Edge campaign, we sat down with our featured creatives to talk to them about the importance of their work. Remember their names, remember their come up. 

Destined for greatness, Pania is an artist from Melbourne’s west. Pania’s world revolves around writing music, singing and conveying identity through style. Pania spoke to us about what motivates her to get out of bed in the morning, self-care and style inspirations. 


What music inspired you to start singing as a child?

Neo-soul, Hip-Hop, R&B & Jazz.


How does your culture tie in to your style?

My style is a representation of everything I love, as well as colours and moods I’m feeling on the day. I can’t really say that I think about culture specifically when I put my outfits together, however, when I start designing my own clothes I definitely want to use patterns and symbols that represent my culture, subtle elements that mean a lot to me. 

I’ll always be proud of my roots. 


Who are your style icons?

There’s this one girl called @wuzg00d from Instagram. Her use of accessories and the way she layers is INSANE. I deffs get inspired seeing her fits. I used to watch PAQ a lot and would love all of their styles, it would be crazy to start up a Melbourne version. 

I don’t particularly have a specific style icon cause I’m forever switching up, it’s more like I’ll grab certain pockets I like and then find a way to mesh it together with my own style.


What makes you get out of bed in the morning?

The fear of living an average life. Every day I wake up motivated to do or create something new, whether it’s a song, a beat or even just seeing my homies. I make sure my days are always full of things I love. I get bored pretty easy - my attention span is that of a child so I’m pretty spontaneous with my days and don’t like planning too much. 


What are some things you do to practice self-care?

Working out, eating good. The simple things like starting and ending my days with a proper skincare routine with oils. I got into crystals this year and also meditation - it just helps with negative thought patterns. Sometimes I’ll pep talk myself in the mirror and remind myself I’m that b*tch. 

A big one is knowing when to say no. This also ties into not tolerating toxic friends. I cannot stress the importance of self love & care enough!


What’s your 2020 vision?

More music, better videos, bigger shows and to produce a few of my singles. I also want to delve into the fashion side of things and maybe release some babushkas or something similar.


Who was your Spotify Wrapped Top Artist of 2019?

I’m pretty sure it was SZA or maybe Ari Lennox 

For major style inspo and to stay up to date with Pania’s music, follow @PANIAHIKA on Instagram.